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Check out our FAQ section for information about HumHub, our idea and vision and answers to the most frequently asked questions about our software.

HumHub is the tool to digitize your organization and prepare it for the future. We are an Open Source company from Munich and our software is primarily used as a Social Network, Intranet, Knowledge Database or Information Platform. With HumHub, people in various constellations can network, communicate and collaborate on various projects. Our software is easy and intuitive to use, has a clear design and can be extended by over 80 Modules. HumHub can be operated both On-Premise (on your own server), and as GDPR-compliant SaaS solution by us.

The first line of code of our software was written in February 2014. Officially, HumHub was founded in 2015 by our CEO Lucas Bartholemy in Munich. The vision since then: To develop a software that "helps people all over the world to communicate and connect better." Our many years of experience in programming, communication and the configuration and maintenance of Social Networks have made us a strong and reliable partner for countless Organizations and companies since our founding.

Our software is very individually configurable. As a result, HumHub is used in a wide variety of Organizations and companies as Social Network, Intranet or Knowledge Base. Our clients include many cities and municipalities, associations, foundations and institutions, educational facilities like universities and schools, political parties as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, large companies and corporations.

Yes, you can easily create a free demo of our Professional Edition. The trial is free and without obligation. The demo can be used with up to 5 users, allowing you to find out whether our software is the right solution for you. Creating a demo only takes a few minutes. Afterwards, you can immediately test all functions and Modules and build your network. Feel free to contact us during your trial. We will be happy to support you with any issue and together we will find out whether your project is compatible with our software.

As an Open Source company based in Munich, we take the issue of data protection very serious. We comply with all applicable laws and data protection regulations. With HumHub, you get a strong and reliable partner in Social Networking software. Your network can either be operated by us as GDPR-compliant SaaS solution. With this option, we host your network on German or EU servers according to ISO 27001. Alternatively, you can run your network On-Premise and always remain in control of your data. With the Professional Edition, you can choose between both options.

Check out our News page to see what's going on with HumHub. You can also sign up for our newsletter and never miss any news. You can also follow all developments and discussions in our HumHub Community. Create a free account and become part of our great global Open Source Community.

HumHub is best explained in 4 pillars. Users, Spaces, Content and Modules. Each User in your network has their own User account with profile information that can be defined by you. Users can search, network and get to know other Users in your organisation better. Spaces are where Users meet each other. Spaces are rooms, groups or subgroups. These can be organized by departments, locations or projects. Here, you can also determine your network structure individually. Users can become members of Spaces, create Content and work on common projects, publish Content and collaborate. Content is everything that is posted or published. Content can be, for example, articles, documents, images, videos, wiki pages, landing pages, events and much more. Modules are available for optional installation and allow you to customize the functionality of your network.

There is, among other things, an automated notification system and E-Mail summaries for all Users, a multi-level permission system, a dashboard or even filters and search functions to find certain information faster.

There are currently over 80 Modules in total. The most important and popular Modules include: SAML SSO, Apache SOLR, LDAP, Messenger, News, Translation Manager, Wiki, OnlyOffice, Theme Builder, Enterprise Theme, Custom Pages, Calendar, Surveys, Files and Tasks.

Yes, HumHub can be run on all common devices. The most common way to use the software is via laptop and PC. However, you can also fully use your network on tablet or smartphone. We are currently developing native iOS and Android apps. The HumHub app expected to be released by the end of 2023.

You can find all answers regarding configuration, installation and initial setup of your network in our Documentation. You can search for specific topics and information using the search function. If you have specific questions about the software's features, you can also reach out to our great HumHub Community.

The Professional Edition is the complete software package with all standard and advanced Modules. These include: Advanced LDAP, SAML SSO, Apache SOLR, Enterprise Theme, Translation Manager and News Module. The Professional Edition also comes with a Commercial Licence and our HumHub Premium Support.We will assist you with all questions and help you to build your professional network. In addition, the Professional Edition gives you access to our prioritized bug fixing, long-term support for all major releases and allows you to book our Workshop and Onboarding Packages, which will facilitate your start with HumHub.

The licence fee depends on the number of registered Users in your network. Billing is per User/month. The minimum number of Users for our Professional Edition is 50 and starts at 99€/month. The price per User decreases significantly the larger the network is. Example: For networks with several thousand Users, the costs per User/month are in the low cent range. Using our Licence calculator you can easily find out how much the licence will roughly cost for your organization. As Open Source company, our goal is not to maximize profits, but to establish long-lasting customer relationships. In direct comparison, our software is the cheapest available on the market. Social and charitable organizations as well as educational institutions also benefit from special conditions. Feel free to contact us if you would like us to provide you with an individual offer.

To get started, you are welcome to create a free demo of our Professional Edition. Feel free to test all functions in detail and then contact us for a licence tailored to your needs. Everything you set up and install in your demo can be migrated to the "normal" Professional Edition later, if desired. You can also contact us directly if you want to get started immediately. We will be happy to consult you on how we can make your network most attractive and get it up and running professionally.

HumHub was born out of the motivation to help people around the globe to communicate and connect better. Especially, social and charitable projects are close to our hearts and we support many social and charitable organizations worldwide. This is part of our vision and how we contribute to make the world a bit better. We are also happy to support your social project with special conditions. Just get in touch with us.

Please always contact us at Make sure your message contains your customer number or licence key. Your message will be automatically forwarded to the relevant team and answered in a timely manner. It is very important to us to help you competently and promptly so that you can get the most out of your network.

We love the idea of working on projects together with other people. HumHub has a large global Community that contributes to our software and actively participates in many processes. By choosing to make HumHub Open Source, we are more flexible in business and software development and have unique characteristics that commercial software vendors do not have. Our global Community ensures continuous development of our software, making our Professional Edition more cost-effective than comparable products. Our Source Code is publicly accessible. This means that each network can be customized by the operator and there is a free Community Edition that comes with most features and can be operated completely free of charge. This way, we also enable people and organizations in structurally weak regions or developing countries to operate their own HumHub network. We see this as a small contribution to making the world a better place.

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