Professional Edition

Our Professional Edition is the complete package for your organization. The software includes our Premium Support and all advanced Modules and features that allow you to configure and personalize your network according to your needs.

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Your organization deserves the best tool

HumHub Professional Edition is the software that takes collaboration in your organization to a new level and improves it sustainably. There are many thousands of active HumHub networks worldwide. These include Social Networks for businesses and corporations, platforms for cities and municipalities, knowledge bases for universities and schools, foundation networks and community portals.

With our exclusive HumHub Premium Support, expert contacts are always available to answer your questions and help you build your network.

Take advantage of all the benefits of the Professional Edition:

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Exclusive software functions

Advanced Modules and features
  • Advanced LDAP
    Import and map all Users and profile data
    Use various Single-Sign-On services
    Use Single-Sign-On with JSON Web Token
  • Apache SOLR
    Improve the search function in your network
  • News
    Create prioritized posts and important Content
  • Translation Manager
    Rename any term in your network
  • Enterprise Theme
    Give your network your Corporate Design
  • E-Mail Whitelist
    Facilitates registration by E-Mail
  • Whitelabel Module
    Use the software ad-free

Exclusive Customer Support

HumHub Premium Support

Direct contact with the HumHub team in case of any questions. We support you with configuration, maintenance and all issues. Our Premium Support is available during the entire contract period at no extra cost.

Free updates and upgrades

Alle Updates und Upgrades inklusive und ohne Zusatzkosten. Bei der Option „SaaS“ kümmern HumHub Entwickler sich immer um die laufende Instandhaltung deines Netzwerks.

Prioritized bug fixing

HumHub developers ensure that your network runs smoothly and are available to help in the event of a bug. Trust our years of expertise in Social Networks. We guarantee a unique user experience.

Long-Term Support (LTS)

Maintenance of all Major Releases (currently 1.x) by HumHub developers.

Illustration, die den HumHub Customer Service mit Bugfixing visualisiert.
Illustration, welche die HumHub Lizenzen darstellt.

Commercial License

Commercial License

As a Professional Edition client, you have all rights to your network. Modifications, extensions or individual customizations do not have to be published to the Open Source Community.

On-Top Offers

Workshop and Onboarding Packages

Our Workshop and Onboarding Packages are available exclusively to Professional Edition clients. These packages help you set up your network, configure the software, help you get started, provide design and layout suggestions and more. They are essential for giving your network a professional look and feel.

Automatic updates

With the SaaS (Software as a Service) hosting option, we host your network on European servers (GDPR-compliant) including all HumHub updates and maintenance of your network. Our hosting is subject to EU data protection regulations and offers you the highest level of security.

Backups and data protection

Our SaaS service also includes daily, weekly and monthly backups of your network and all data.

Illustration, die die On-Top Angebote von HumHub wie Online Onboardings und Backups und Datensicherung beschreibt.

The editions at a glance

Which HumHub Edition is best for your organization? See all the differences listed in our Editions Guide:

Community Edition Professional Edition

License type



Support (Operation)
HumHub Helpdesk
Support (installation & configuration)
HumHub Helpdesk
Bug fixing

HumHub Helpdesk

Module Marketplace
Premium Modules
Responsive Design
Price per month
From 99€/month
Can be added optionally
Hosting in Germany/EU
International hosting
Workshop and Onboarding Packages
Can be added optionally
HumHub Customization Service

Try our Professional Edition

Try our software now for free and find out if HumHub is the right solution for you. The demo includes all advanced features and exclusive Modules.

Install the Open Source Edition

Here you can find the free version. The HumHub Community Edition comes without advanced features and without our support. Please note that you are responsible for the complete installation, configuration and maintenance of your system.