The Software that Digitizes Your Organization

Use HumHub to communicate and collaborate, share information, interact with all people in your organization and personalize the software to fit your individual needs.

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HumHub is the digital place where all people of your organization come together.

Our software enables organizations to connect, communicate and collaborate with each other. HumHub is intuitive to use, can be extended individually with numerous modules and is an irreplaceable tool for many use cases. Users of our software include companies and corporations, cities and municipalities, social and charitable institutions, foundations and clubs, associations, political parties and educational institutions such as schools and universities

HumHub explained in 4 pillars

Illustration aus dem HumHub Software Interface das ein Benutzerprofil darstellt.


People are at the heart of everything we do. With HumHub, we help your organization to connect and collaborate. Each User has their own profile. Depending on their permissions, Users can post, comment, create and edit collaborative projects and keep up with the latest news.


Spaces are our rooms, groups and subgroups. Structure your network the way it is most attractive for you. For example, Spaces can be your offices, departments or projects. Users can be added and mapped individually to specific Spaces.

Illustration aus dem HumHub Software Interface das eine Handlung zum Einladen von Personen darstellt.
Illustration aus dem HumHub Software Interface das einen Post, also Beitrag, und eine Event Benachrichtigung darstellt.


Post informative articles or create surveys, collaborate on projects, upload documents and files (OnlyOffice) or generate galleries. You can also build knowledge bases (Wiki) or create your own landing pages and snippets.


HumHub is very intuitive to use and well structured. With more than 80 modules you can add additional functionality to your network. For example, activate the News module for announcements, use our Messenger for private messaging or group chats, customize the design of your network with the Theme Builder, translate all content with the Translation Manager, or use our Calendar, LDAP, SAML SSO, Surveys and more...

Illustration aus dem HumHub Software Interface das den Marketplace mit 8 Modulen darstellt.

The HumHub Marketplace

HumHub is versatile and expandable. With over 80 Modules you can activate countless functions and extensions and configure and design your network as customized as you want it. All Modules and extensions are optional and can be activated and deactivated at any time.

Further HumHub features include:

Notifications & email summaries

Users get notified about relevant topics. Notifications as well as email summaries can be configured individually (e.g. frequency).

Dashboard &
Activity Stream

All users get their tailored overview of all new and important information.

Individual permissions

With our multi-level permission system you can give each User specific rights and permissions ( Administrator, Moderator, Editor, read permission, etc.).

Full text search and filters

Search Content, Spaces, posts, Users and files with the integrated full-text search. customized filters also facilitate the search for specific Content.

File management and collaboration

Manage folders and directories, create galleries, collaborate on documents and share files with other users. 

Social Network Tools (Interactions)

Users can comment, like and share Content, interact with each other, direct message each other as well as follow and network.


Log in to your network on any device. HumHub is designed to be responsive and mobile ready.

... and more

Try our HumHub Professional Edition for free now.

There is even more to HumHub

Open Source & Privacy:

As a German company based in Munich, we have made a conscious decision to create an Open Source software. The source code of HumHub is public and if you host your instance On-Premise, you will always be in control of your network and data. If desired, we will host your network as Software as a Service (SaaS solution). Our hosting is GDPR compliant and hosted according to current data protection regulations. With the SaaS option, we also take care of the ongoing maintenance of your network, including all updates and backups.


Our great Community with thousands of members around the globe actively participates in many development processes and is a unique characteristic that none of our competitors have. Among other things, this allows us to ensure the continuous further development of our software and to offer our Professional Edition at a significantly lower price than comparable products. Thanks to our Community, HumHub is also translated into more than 30 languages. Including English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Arabic. As a HumHub User and part of our Community, you can always track the development of our software at any time, contribute ideas and actively participate in the ongoing development of our product.

Try our Professional Edition

Try our software now for free and find out if HumHub is the right solution for you. The demo includes all advanced features and exclusive Modules.

Install the Open Source Edition

Here you can find the free version. The HumHub Community Edition comes without advanced features and without our support. Please note that you are responsible for the complete installation, configuration and maintenance of your system.