Customization Service

From small modifications to completely customized platforms.
We will adapt HumHub to your individual. needs

Plug-in existing services

Change the software again? Not necessary! We will build modules for you, to make HumHub compatible with your favourite tool, which you already use daily. No matter whether these are well known web services, existing business applications or something you created by your own.*

It is always worth taking a look at HumHub’s Marketplace, however. Maybe there are already modules available, that meet your requirements.'

Create your own tools

Unique organizations often have unique processes. HumHub can be adapted to meet such requirements, not the other way round. Different processes and jobs often need different software. Not anymore! We will develop software that fits all your requirements and create new, individual tools integrated into the HumHub system for you.

Don’t wait any longer, get in touch with our Customizing
Service now and get your project started.