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Add it on-the-fly to your HumHub by activating it in the Modules menu! ("Administration -> Modules")

HumHub Weather Module

CLA assistant

Create a Weather widget on your Dashboard.

Note: Forecast7 & are external services that provide the code and weather forcast that is placed within your HumHub's sidebar.

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End User Manual

Location Field

This field you must enter the location of the area you've entered in the Forecast7 Weather URL field (e.g: TOKYO), this field is case sensitive, meaning it must be capitalized.

Language & Custom Language

You can use either the default URL generated (e.g: or use the same URL with {language} (e.g:{language}/35d71139d73/tokyo/).


In some cases this is a requirement, in these cases use the below snippet, for those that don't know if this applies to them please read the official docs.

"frame-src" => [
    "self" => true,
    "allow" => [

Installing & Setup

  1. Download via git or normal download or use the marketplace.
  2. Upload the zip file to your server under /protected/modules and rename it weather
  3. Enable the module via ACP > Modules > Modules List
  4. In ACP > Weather Settings place your information in the configuration fields then save.

Date: 9/22/2020

  • Enh: Use Yii::$app->language (e.g {language}) to get user default language (#17)
  • Enh: Added translation files
  • Enh: Added partial Français translations (#18)

Date: 4/14/2020

  • Enh: Added border radius to weather iframe (buddh4 | P/R 12)
  • Enh: Added CSP nonce compatibility (buddh4 | P/R 12)
  • Fix: Only render snippet if module configuration is set (buddh4 | P/R 12)

Date: 4/13/2020

  • Chg: Namespace from humhub\modules\weather to gm\modules\weather
  • Chg: Removed notification function in favor of core implementation
  • Enh: Added border radius to weather iframe
  • Enh: Added CSP nonce compatibility
  • Fix: Only render snippet if module configuration is set

Date: 4/11/2020

  • Chg: New serverUrl attributeHints
  • Chg: Minor changes
  • Enh: Version Update
  • Fix: Issue #9

Date: 3/29/2020

  • Enh: Version Upgrade
  • Enh: Updated Translations
  • Enh: Changed Notification wording

Date: 3/28/2020

  • Enh: Added archive.json & linked POEditor

Date: 3/26/2020

  • Fix: Refactoring 2

Date: 3/25/2020

  • Enh: Possible fix for broken link
  • Enh: Create notification.php
  • Fix: Translations broken
  • Enh: Update HumHubAPI.php
  • Enh: Delete about.php
  • Enh: Minor clean up
  • Enh: Update notification.php
  • Enh: Version Update

Date: 3/24/2020

  • Internal dev release
  • Enh: Optimizes images
  • Enh: Fix broken URL field
  • Enh: Initial commit
1.1.1 (released 6 days ago)

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