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Humhub Updater

Add it on-the-fly to your HumHub by activating it in the Modules menu! ("Administration -> Modules")

HumHub Updater

This module allows you to update the software via a web interface, making the updating process fast and easy, especially for smaller updates. Please keep in mind, that, for major updates and bigger communities, the documentation should be consulted in any case. Especially when custom Modules and Themes are being used.

For detailed information and a step-by-step instructions on how to manually update your HumHub installation, please refer to our documentation: Updating HumHub

2.1.8 (November 6, 2020)

  • Fix: Clear assets directory at the end of installation

2.1.7 (April 22, 2020)

  • Fix: 1.3 compatibility support

2.1.6 (April 21, 2020)

  • Fix: Missing import in start view (@ArchBlood)

2.1.5 (April 21, 2020)

  • Enh: Added cleanup backup job

2.1.4 (April 16, 2020)

  • Fix: Self updater update check broken

2.1.3 (April 14, 2020)

  • Enh: Allow complete humhub directory replace
  • Enh: Updated translation

2.1.2 (December 11, 2019)

  • Enh: Improved HumHub 1.4+ compatibility

2.1.1 (December 10, 2018)

  • Enh: Improved theme caching for HumHub 1.3.7+

2.1.0 (July 4, 2018)

  • Enh: Allow to specify update channel

2.0.8 (July 2, 2018)

  • Fix: PHP 7.2 compatibility issues
2.1.8 (released 2 months ago)

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