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Spotify Album

Add it on-the-fly to your HumHub by activating it in the Modules menu! ("Administration -> Modules")

HumHub Spotify Module

Add your Spotify playlist to your HumHub dashboard/space.

Note: Spotify is an external service that provides the widget that is placed within your HumHub's sidebar.

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End User Manual


  1. Enable the module via ACP --> Modules --> Modules List
  2. Go into your Spotify and find the "Share" option then find "Copy Embed Code" and you'll get a code snippet which will have your link to add to your settings
  3. In ACP --> Spotify Settings place your Spotify Album URL into the configuration option then save and now you're done.


  • Requires frame-src in case you've overwritten the default CSP header.
"frame-src" => [
   "self" => true,
   "allow" => [


  1. Download via git or normal download.
  2. Upload the content of your humhub-spotify-module-master to your server under /protected/modules and rename it spotify

Spotify Module v1.0.1 (Jan 03, 2022)

  • Fix: Text Typo

Spotify Module v1.0.0 (Sep 05, 2020)

  • Internal release
1.0.1 (released 9 months ago)

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