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Twitter Sign-In

Add it on-the-fly to your HumHub by activating it in the Modules menu! ("Administration -> Modules")

Twitter Sign-In

Using this module, users can directly log in or register with their Twitter credentials at this HumHub installation. A new button "Twitter" will appear on the login page.


Please follow the Twitter instructions to create the required OAuth client ID credentials.

Once you have the Client ID and Client Secret created there, the values must then be entered in the module configuration at: Administration -> Modules -> Twitter Auth -> Settings. This page also displays the Authorized redirect URI, which must be inserted in Twitter in the corresponding field. You should also apply for Elevated API access level. Learn more here.


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1.0.0 (February 23, 2022)

  • Initial release
  • Fix #63: Fixed and tested
1.0.0 (released 7 months ago)

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